Now For Some Good News

At Garfield Park Conservatory

And in the middle of the madness of our week Aleck delivers a big milestone like only he can.  After months of working, on his own, to strengthen his arms and upper body by pushing himself up any chance he got, like a determined yogi working on their cobra, Aleck can now sit up on his own.

Up until this point if Aleck was lying down on the ground, which he loves to do, he couldn’t get himself into a sitting up position.  For years we’ve discussed with therapists what it might look like when he does accomplish this task; would he use one leg to kick himself up, would he roll to the side and push up, or would he inch himself up bit by bit.  We’ve worked with him on so many methods but always knew he’d do it when he’s ready, not a moment before, and he’s going to do it his own way just like he’s done with everything else.

He’s always been a boy who loved lying down.  Before he could walk he’d roll from room to room in our condo.  It’s always been one of the easiest positions for him to play and how we used to play with him as a baby.  But being stuck on the ground has never been fun and he hesitates to lie down sometimes since he couldn’t get up without help.

So here it is for you, it just happened yesterday, Aleck getting himself into a seated position all by himself.  With all the meetings, conference calls, CPS visits, on our line up, this makes everything worth while.  Almost like he knew we needed the perfect reminder of why we are in this to begin with. 


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